Russian Salad

This is an easy dish to veganize, especially since vegan mayo is easy to find nowadays in regular grocery stores.


3 medium potatoes, chopped and cooked

3 oz of carrots, diced and cooked

3/4 cup of peas

1/3 cup of corn

2/3 cup plus 1 tbsp of vegan mayo

A pinch or two of Spanish smoked paprika

Salt and pepper (to taste)

about 7-8 slices of black olives (optional)

Russian salad is a common tapas food I would see in Seville, Spain and it is really common all over Europe. It is creamy and always served cold. There are several variations to this that are not vegan. In Spain, they put tuna in it and non vegan mayo. In Italy, I have heard they put ham in it. Some other variations I have seen add pickles, cucumber, and parsley which may be good but I have not tried that yet. If you don’t like mayo then use vegan plain yogurt instead.

For my variation to this super popular food I peeled and chopped my potatoes and boiled them first and then I prepared the rest of the ingredients as they cooked. I used frozen peas and corn and pre-sliced carrots. I used the Just Mayo Hampton Creek brand of mayo which is my favorite but there are other good brands out there depending on where you live.

Be sure to let the potatoes cool before you add the mayo. It helps the potatoes to cool faster if you start stirring in the veggies after about 5-10 minutes after you took them out of the pot. After the veggies are stirred in gently and the potatoes are cooled off enough, add the mayo and gently fold it in. Then add the seasonings. Chill your Russian salad for at least four hours before enjoying 🙂 (this recipe makes about 3-4 servings).

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Diaz Sauce

This is a quick and easy sauce that I like to make when I am short on time. It can be used for any pasta and the possibilities are endless with what you can add to it for extra flavor. I learned this from a friend while in Spain (which is where it also got its name). The vegan yogurt gives it a sweet taste and the ketchup and mustard gives it a light spice flavor. If you do not like vegan yogurt then vegan mayo goes really well with this too and makes it tangy.

After cooking and draining your favorite pasta as directed on the box, just stir in these ingredients and either enjoy it right away or let it chill for a few hours. It tastes great warm or cold (I prefer mine to be cold). I like to add sliced black olives to mine but you can also add fried or baked tofu, corn, peas or bell pepper. I only season mine with pepper, however other herbs that taste great with it are basil and parsley.

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This recipe is for two servings:

1 1/3 Cups of dry pasta

2/3 Cup of vegan yogurt (I use the So Delicious brand) OR vegan mayo

1/2 TBSP Yellow mustard

1 TBSP Ketchup

8 sliced black olives (optional)

**use tofu, or a mix of your favorite veggies to stir in if you do not like olives.

**adjust the ingredients to your taste preference, the friend I learned this from actually uses more mustard than me but I prefer it with less 🙂